7 Days to Die

The survival horde crafting game

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7 Days to Die is a survival/horror computer game that tasks the player with surviving a zombie invasion once a week. A product of Steam's Early Access program, it's a divisive title, to say the least. It takes pages from several other games but attempts to put a unique spin on the genre to limited success.

The major issues with 7 Days to Die have little to do with the game's ambition. It seeks to combine the popular survival and zombie genres, and to do so in a way that emphasizes player choice. You can build what you want to build in the game, and largely survive how you want to survive. The zombies are less of a challenge than the environment, but they're omnipresent. Once they're in play, you'll find yourself immersed in the game. When the game's at its best, it's a serviceable video game that has a few unique ideas.

Unfortunately, the game is rarely at its best. The game is full of bugs, lag, and poor AI. The basic give and take of survival doesn't work so well if the game isn't functioning, and that happens all too often. Even worse, the game's fairly mediocre even when all the pieces come together. It takes too much effort on the part of the player to create situations that are truly exciting, to say nothing of actually frightening.

7 Days to Die isn't a good game. It's sometimes an interesting game, but only when the stars align. This is a game worth skipping unless you're a hardcore fan of the survival genre. Even then, there are better examples of the genre out there.


Crafting works well

Can be exciting when things work


Game is buggy

Poor AI

Never rises beyond the level of mediocre

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